How To Delete IMO Account Permanently Android 2024

Are you looking for a solution on how to permanently delete your IMO account on Android or iPhone? If so, then in this article, I shall guide you on how you can delete your IMO account in very few steps.

About IMO

Imo is a well-known and famous social messaging app that allows its users to connect through text, voice, and video calls. By using Imo, users can chat and communicate with their friends and family members worldwide.

Imo has many features that include multimedia sharing, stickers, and a user-friendly interface. Imo become so popular because it is very simple to use and has high security.

Registering or creating an account on an IMO account is very easy; you just need your phone number.

How To Delete IMO Account

If you are already a user of Imo and want to delete your account permanently, then here are the steps on how to delete or deactivate your Imo account permanently on Android or iPhone.

1. In the first step, open your IMO account and click on the profile icon.


2. Now, go to the settings and click on the account and security option.


3. Click on delete into account.


4. Click on Apply to Delete and give the reason why you want to delete your IMO account.


5. Now, verify your phone number, tap terms and conditions, and delete your IMO account.


Now you have successfully deleted or deactivated your IMO account permanently on Android or iPhone.

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I hope you have successfully learned how to delete your IMO account permanently. If you have any questions about closing or deactivating your IMO account, you can contact me on my Instagram or WhatsApp number (03233055709).

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