Betpro Exchange Registration (Betpro ID Create ) 2024

Do you want to learn how to create an account on the Betpro Exchange? If so, I'll guide you through the simple steps on how to create or sign up for a Betpro exchange account in Pakistan and how to download the Betpro exchange app for Android and iPhone.

how  to create betpro exchange account

What is Betpro Exchange?

Betpro Exchange Account is an online sports betting platform where users can bet on a variety of games and earn money. It includes a variety of games such as horse betting, soccer betting, dog betting, football betting, and many other virtual games.

Betpro Exchange Registration

To create an account on the Betpro Exchange, you can go to the site (, or you can download the Betpro Exchange APK for Android and iOS.

Here are the steps to create or sign up for a Betpro Exchange account.

1.   Go to the Play Store and download the Betpro Exchange app.

2.   Now open the app and click the "create account" button.

3.   After that, complete the form and press the "submit" button.


How to Login Betpro Account?

When you submit the Betpro Exchange Registration Form, you will receive a "Betpro ID" and "Password" via email. After that, you can access your Betpro account by providing your Betpro ID on (  or on the betpro exchange app.

Betpro Id in Pakistan (Contact Number)

To open an account on Betpro Exchange, you must first obtain a Betpro ID, which you can obtain by filling out the online form on the Betpro Exchange website or from a Betpro dealer.

Here are some Betpro Exchange Dealer contact numbers:

Betpro contact number:  0309-4114264 and 0301-6959558.



Is Betting in Pakistan legal?

According to the Prevention of Gambling Act of 1956, all forms of gambling are illegal in Pakistan.

Best Online Betting sites in Pakistan.

Here is a list of some of the best online betting sites in Pakistan.

1.   1xBet.

2.   Betway.

3.   Parimatch.

4.   10CRIC.

5.   Dafabet.

Betpro Exchange Deposit Limit

To open an account on the Betpro Exchange website, you must first deposit Rs. 5,000, either through a PayPal account or by cryptocurrency, and then you will receive a Betpro ID and password.


I hope this article on how to create a Betpro Exchange account and how to use the Betpro Exchange app has helped you. If you have any questions, please contact me through my Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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