How To Delete Doordash Account Permanently 2024

Do you want to know how to delete your Doordash account permanently? If so, then in this article, I shall guide you on how to close your Doordash account in a very simple step.

How To Delete Doordash Account

Doordash is one of the most popular food delivery services, connecting customers with local restaurants. Using the Doordash app, customers choose their favorite dishes, place an order, and a Doordash driver delivers food to their doorstep.

The Doordash also offers convenience, a variety of restaurant options, and often provides promotions and discounts for customers.

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The following are the steps to permanently delete your Doordash account.

1.In the first step, login to your Doordash account.


2. Now, click on the three lines.


3. In the third step, click on the account icon.


4. Now, click on the account management icon.


5. Click on the delete account icon.

6. In the last step, verify your account by using your phone number.


Now you have successfully deleted your Doordash account permanently.


I hope you have successfully learned how to close your Doordash account permanently. If you have any questions about closing your Doordash account, you can contact me on my Instagram.

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