How To Delete weverse Account Permanently 2023

Are you looking for a solution on how to permanently delete your Weverse account on mobile? If so, then here in this article I shall guide you on how to permanently delete your Weverse account on your mobile phone.


How To Delete Weverse Account Permanently

Weverse is one of the best social media platforms for fans of K-pop and other entertainment content. It allows users to connect with their favorite artists and celebrities, access exclusive content, and interact with fellow fans.

Weverse hosts official fan communities for various entertainment agencies and artists, providing a space for fans to engage in discussions, view updates, and purchase merchandise. So, it is the best site for fan interaction and engagement within the global entertainment industry.

If you want to permanently delete your Weverse account for any reason, then here are the steps on how to delete your Weverse account.


1. In the first step, open the Weverse app and log in to your account.


2. In the next step, click on the profile icon on the bottom side.


3. Now, click on the setting icon located on the top right.


4. Now, Scroll down and Click on the "leave service"


5. Now. Click on delete to disconnect from the Weverse service.


6. After disconnecting from the Weverse service, click on To Home.

7. Now click on Delete Weverse account.



Now, you have successfully deleted your Weverse account permanently on mobile, and you will receive notification through email from the Weverse team.

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I hope you have successfully learned how to permanently delete Weverse account on mobile. If you have any questions or doubts about deleting Weverse account, you can ask me on my Instagram or WhatsApp number (0323-3055709).