How To Delete Upwork Account Permanently 2024

If you're looking for solutions on how to delete your Upwork account permanently but don't know how, don't worry; in this article, I'll guide you through simple steps on how to delete Upwork account permanently.


How To Delete Upwork Account

Upwork is an online platform for freelancing that connects businesses with freelancers to complete various projects remotely. It also allows clients to post job requirements and hire freelancers who offer their services. On Upwork, freelancers can create profiles showcasing their skills and experience and search for job opportunities that match their expertise.

Upwork provides the best tools for communication, payment processing, and time tracking to facilitate the working relationship between clients and freelancers.

Here are the steps on how to delete your Upwork account permanently on Android and pc.

1. In the first step, log in to your Upwork account on your mobile device or computer.


2. Now, go to your Upwork profile and "click" on settings.


3. After that, click "Close Account" and give the reason for deleting your Upwork account.



Now that you have successfully deleted your Upwork account on a PC or Android device, the steps are the same for both.


How To Reactivate Upwork Account

If your Upwork account has been suspended due to a violation of Upwork's terms of service or policies, or if you have closed your account,

Here are some steps you can take to reactivate your closed or suspended account.

1. Log in to your Upwork account and go to the "support center.".

2. Now, choose the option that best describes your situation, such as "My account has been deactivated" or "My account has been suspended."

3. After that Fill out the form with a brief explanation of why your account was deactivated or suspended. Submit the form and wait for a response from Upwork's support team.

4. If your account is eligible for reactivation, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed. Follow these instructions carefully and provide any additional information or documentation as requested.

5. Once your account is reactivated, make sure to review Upwork's terms of service and policies to avoid any future violations.

By following the above steps, your Upwork account will be reactivated.


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