How To Check Registered SIMs on CNIC (Online and SMS Methods)

Do you want to know how to check registered SIMs on CNIC in Pakistan? If so, I'll guide you on how to check SIMs on CNIC via SMS and online methods.

how to check registered sims on cnic


How To Check Registered SIMs on CNIC

To prevent any illegal activities, PTA set regulations and limited the number of SIMs that could be registered on CNIC, so that they could easily check the activity of that SIM.

If you don't know how many sims are registered on your CNIC, then don't worry. Here in this article, I shall teach you how to check registered SIMs on CNIC by using two methods: one via SMS and the other online. 


Method 1.  How To Check SIMs on CNIC by SMS

how to check sims on cnic by sms

In this method, you can check the number of SIMs registered on your CNIC via SMS. Follow these steps:

1. Open the messaging app on your phone and type your CNIC number.

2. Now, send it to 668.

3. After a few minutes, you will receive a message containing all of your registered SIM numbers as well as network names.



Send To


Your CNIC Number


PKR 2 + tax


Method 2.  How To Check Online SIMs on CNIC

how to check online sims on cnic

If you want to check registered SIMs on CNIC, then follow this method for checking registered SIMs on CNIC.

Here are the steps to check registered SIMs on CNIC Online:

1. Go to the PTA SIM Information System website.

2. Now, type your CNIC in the given box, and verify that I am not a robot.

3. Finally, you will see your total number of registered SIMs along with the name of your SIM Network.

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How many sims can be registered on one CNIC in Pakistan?

You have set a limit for registered SIMs on CNIC, according to PTA regulations; you can only have 5 registered sims on CNIC.


How to check the name of the registered sim owner?

To find out the name of the sim owner, send an empty message to 667; you will receive a reply message with the sim owner's name within a few minutes.


How to block sim online in Pakistan?

If you want to block your registered sim, go to your nearest network franchise (Jazz, Telenor, or Ufone) with your original CNIC and tell them you want to block your sim; they will immediately block your sim there.

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I hope you have successfully learned how to check the SIMs registered on your CNIC in Pakistan. If you have any questions related to checking SIMs on your CNIC through both SMS and online methods, you can contact me via my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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