How To Open Easypaisa Asaan Digital Account

Do you want to learn how to open an Easypaisa Asaan Digital Account and upgrade the Easypaisa account limit up to 10 lakh? If so, I'll teach you how to make an Asan Digital Account through the easypaisa app.


Easypaisa Asaan Digital Account

Easypaisa has introduced a brand-new feature called an Asaan digital account that allows users to upgrade their limits by up to 10 lakh. To open an Asaan digital account, all you need is your CNIC and personal information, which you can do through the Easypaisa app without visiting the bank.

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How to open an Easypaisa Asaan Digital Account.

Here are the steps to open or create an easypaisa Asaan Digital Account.

1. Open the Easypaisa app, and go to the ‘My Account’ menu.

2. Now, click ‘Upgrade Account’.


3. Click the ‘Upgrade Account Limit icon’ and tap the ‘Next button’.


4.  Enter your personal details ( full name, gender, CNIC expiry date, mother’s  name, father's name, date of birth, place of birth, occupation, purpose of  account, and source of funds) and click the next button.


5.  Enter your ‘Additional Details’ with ‘NO’ and ‘YES’ answers.


6.  Now , agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click the ‘Next’ button.


7.  After that, a notification of "Application Submitted Successfully" will be seen on the screen.

The easypaisa team will review your application and will send the confirmation mail to your phone within 2 to 3 days.


What do you need to open an Asaan Digital Account (ADA)?

Here are some requirements you must meet in order to create an Easypaisa Asaan digital account.

1. Its CNIC
2. personal details
3. Just a few yes and no options.
4. Finally, you take a selfie.

What are the charges for opening an Easypaisa Asaan digital account?

You will be charged Rs. 75 to open an Easypaisa Asaan digital account, so be sure that you have this amount of money available while opening your account.


The Benefits of an Easypaisa Asaan Digital Account

The first advantage is that opening an Asaan digital account doesn't require visiting a bank.

The second advantage is that you can instantly transfer up to 10 lakh to another bank with a single click.

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I hope you now understand how to open an Easypaisa Asaan Digital Account and how to increase the limit to 10 lakh. follow those steps to create an account. Contact me on my Facebook and Instagram accounts if you need additional help.