How To Delete Patreon Account Permanently 2024

Are you looking for a solution on how to delete Patreon account on phone permanently? Then, here in this article, I shall guide you on how to close Patreon account on your phone in a few simple steps.


How To Delete Patreon Account on Phone

A Patreon is a crowdfunding platform where creators can solicit recurring financial support from their audience, called "patrons. In exchange for regular contributions, creators typically offer exclusive content or tiers of membership rewards.

This platform empowers writers, artists, musicians, and other content creators to monetize their work, maintain ongoing projects, and cultivate a dedicated community of supporters.

It also fosters a more direct connection between creators and their fans, enabling a sustainable income for creative endeavors.

Creating an account on Patreon is very simple: First, visit the Patreon website, click "Sign Up," and follow the prompts. Provide your email, create a password, add payment details, and complete your profile. Then, start setting up your tiers and rewards for patrons to support your creative work.

If you want to delete your Patreon account for any reason, then here are the steps on how to permanently delete your Patreon account on your phone.

1. In the first step, click on Delete My Patron Account.

2. Now, click the account deletion submission link.

3. Visit the Privacy Policy Center on Patreon and click on Make a Privacy Request".


4. Now, click on the "Erase" icon.


5. After that, click on the "allow" icon.


6. Now, click on the "Confirm Request" button.


After 14 days, the Patreon team will verify your account, delete all data from it, and mail you a notice that your Patreon account has been deleted.

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How To Close Patreon Account

In order to provide a clear and detailed guide on closing a Patreon account, I've created a video tutorial that guides you through it step by step. You can watch the video below. It covers everything you need to know about deleting or closing your Patreon account on your mobile device.

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I hope you have successfully learned how to delete a Patreon account on your phone permanently. If you have any questions related to deleting a Patreon account, you can contact me on WhatsApp or Instagram.

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